Originally from The Netherlands, my main studio is currently based in Southern France. I will be splitting my time between France & Japan for a while, as I have taken up more in-depth study within my art practice, with questions surrounding identity, aesthetics & the creative healing process within art.
Completion of studies in Design and Visual Fine Arts, travelling, as well as ongoing studies, helped shape me into the artist I am today and will continue to shape my art and visions.

For me personally, I find painting a very strong and expressive form of communication; a way of healing the mind, body and soul for the creator as well as the viewer.
I strongly believe that whatever it is we surround ourselves with, influences our lives and ways of thinking, and our thoughts, in turn, affect our lives.
There exists a constant interaction asking for balance, a concept visually pursued in my painting practice.
Instead of emphasising the negativity in the world, my reply is of hope and positivity through art. 
My intention is to not ignore the negativity, but bring and remind you of the feeling of positivity and joy with art, in order to start your own healing process and cause a ripple effect into the world.

There is a selection of art movements that hold my
special interest and research, with a great interest in art history and philosophy in its entirety.

Please enjoy looking at my paintings and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
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